• Introducing Moose Knuckles - The New Canadian King of the Terrace Coat

    November 26 2015
    For a couple of years now Canadian premium out wear brand Canada Goose have dominated the terraces, being the choice of the savvy lad in Liverpool and beyond. The beautifully crafted and incredibly warm, durable fur lined parkas have been perfect protection against the elements on a wet and cold Saturday afternoon. Or let’s face it, virtually any day of the week in the world of TV dominated football! But for those of us who do still prefer a plastic seat to an armchair a good quality winter coat is essential for the match, home and away. 

    So step up Moose Knuckles. No not some obscure Canadian wrestler but a premium out wear and ski wear brand that you’ll soon be hitting the streets and football stands in. Very much like its Canadian counterpart Goose, Moose Knuckles prides itself on premium and expertly crafted coats made to endure the sub zero Canadian winters. That makes them more than a match for a biting wind or freezing sleet that you might face at the football. 

    The brand fully admit to a more playful side, something they put down to their Canadian heritage and although it is very much born out in their adverts the coats themselves are beautifully classic and understated, feeling very mature. For the more discerning and understated football fan out there it is a trait which will appeal. Preferring dark greys and black to some of the more outlandish colours of their Canadian counterparts the jackets are down filled and padded to give superb warmth and a signature fur lined hood. The signature metallic knuckles motif on the sleeve is also something special. 

    Giancarlo Ricci, Liverpool are one of the few Northern stockists of Moose Knuckles and I’ve picked a couple of my favourites from the online selection. Firstly this black bomber. It possesses all the warmth of a parka but with the slightly more casual and less restrictive feel. I also love the striking white fur hood which is certain to attract some envious looks. 

    Moose Knuckles

    It’s hard to resist a parka though and for those of us who do like a bit of colour and making a statement, then it’s hard to see past their exquisite red full length parka. It’s the perfect terrace coat.


    With winter about to set in I for one will be fascinated to see which Canadian super power comes out on top to be truly crowned, Canadian king of the terraces.