• Brand Focus Diadora

    November 5 2015
    The classic Italian sportswear brand Diadora is having something of a revival recently. Not since the days of Football Italia and Roy Keane who wore a pair of their no nonsense black boots back in the 90s has it felt that Diadora has been at the forefront of our conscious whether on the pitch or off it. Over the last year or more, that has all changes, largely due to the re-release of some of their classic running trainers and the general strength of their footwear. 

    So where did it all begin? During the 2nd World War the company’s founder,  Marcello Danieli, was too young to enlist and found himself working in the garment and footwear trade helping to supply the troops stationed in the mountainous area of Montello. In the strange post war mix of both depression and optimism Marcello Danieli decided to start his own company. With the help of his wife he launched his first product, a mountain walking boot, something he had so much experience of making. He called the company "Diadora" a name suggested by a friend and derived from the Greek, "dia dora" which means "by means of gifts.” 

    Diadora established themselves in Italy through the quality and craftsmanship of their walking boots and it was long before Marcello was expanding their repertoire, capitalising on the increased popularity of skiing in the 50s and 60s by producing Ski Boots. But it wasn’t long before Diadora entered the sportswear market, making themselves famous for what they are today - the trainer. Starting with a running shoe, a tennis shoe soon followed and they managed to enlist the support and advice of champions like Bjorn Borg and Guillermo Vilas to ensure they kept at the forefront of technology and style. 

    The 70s also saw the company's first foray into the football market producing their first boots and kits, again aided by a high profile name in the game Roberto Bettega who provided invaluable consultation. Their reputation was only enhanced as the years went on with players like George Weah, Roberto Baggio,Giuseppe Signori, Francesco Totti, Roy Keane and Antonio Cassano all sporting the brand. With the burst in popularity of Italian football in the 90s with Football Italia on Channel 4 and the world’s best players playing in Serie A Diadora became entrenched as the Italian sports brand and synonymous with that era. 

    As we entered into the new millennium Diadora not only achieve global reach but also launched the heritage brand which really established itself as a truly iconic brand that comfortably sat across the fields of both fashion and functional sportswear. 

    Now it is perhaps their footwear that is most sought after with a series of re-releases and new lines putting Diadora back at the forefront of the minds of trainer aficionados. The N9000 NYL series is perhaps the pick of the lot. A retro running model, deriving directly from the original 1990's catalogue, N9000 are a must-have of Diadora's fall/winter collection. The sole and the materials used, which faithfully reproduce the original construction, guarantee comfort and durability. 

    Available in several colourways, Giancarlo Ricci are one of the few stockists, take a look at the range. 

    My favourites would have to be the blue and grey… 



    But if you want to be a bit more daring, there’s something about these that are hard to resist…


    So Diadora are very much here to stay and seem to be cementing their status amongst the iconic sportswear brands of this century. I can’t wait to see what they develop over the next few years. 


    Written by Tom Johnson GentlemanCasual LazyGeniusUk