• Pantofola d'Oro hand crafted Italian footwear.

    November 3 2014
    Pantofola d`Oro
    Introducing Pantofola d'Oro to the streets of Liverpool, our team of buyers and footwear specialists are constantly on the lookout for new brands and innovative designs. Pantofola d'Oro may be a new name to you but the brand is a long standing institution in Italy.

    Established in 1886 Pantofola d'Oro is the pinnacle of excellence, hand crafted footwear from of the very highest quality for over 125 years. Always vibrant and always able to amaze, captivate and re-invent the art of shoe making.

    Pantofola d'Oro combines inimitable style, function and iconic Italian heritage to create supple, handcrafted and indulgent leisure footwear for men and women. Effortless elegance and grace define shoes of such quality, which are as beautiful to look at as they are comfortable to wear. 

    Founded in 1886 by the pioneering Lazzarini family in a little cobbler shop by the old city walls of Ascoli Piceno, Italy, the self-titled company specialised in wrestling shoes and eventually football boots. Unsurprisingly, the brand soon began to build a reputation for excellence, along with a list of high-end clientele. 

    To this end, a prominent football player during the 1950s of Juventus and Wales, John Charles, uttered the legendary words which were to form the brand’s identity. During a fitting, Charles remarked that "these are not football boots, they are golden slippers." The compliment was taken so literally that, before long, the name Pantofola d'Oro, the Italian translation for "golden slipper," was adopted as the company’s official name.

    Today, in recognition of its roots, Pantofola d'Oro focuses primarily on men's sport-inspired luxury shoes. The brand is proud to offer a collection of casual styles for spring 2012 in leather and canvas/leather options, featuring the brand's signature star emblem trio on fresh colour combinations, fluid lines and athletic stripes.