• 48 hours in The Dam – the Ricci guide

    March 20 2017
    It’s no wonder we travel across the pond to the land of beer, 24/7 partying and X-rated action year after year. Amsterdam is a city that has it all – it ticks all the right boxes, whether you’re planning a stag do, you want to immerse yourself in gritty European culture or just want an alcohol-fuelled weekend with the lads, you can’t top the buzz of The Dam.

    Amsterdam is one of the coolest cities in Europe, boasting well-dressed and uber-attractive inhabitants, a list of amazing hotels, eateries, cocktail bars and coffee shops too long to count – plus it’s brimming with beautiful women, ready to party. What’s not to like?!

    Here is the Ricci guide to 48 hours in Amsterdam with our recommendations of where to stay, where to eat and drink, where to party, where to sample some more traditional ‘Dam delights and most importantly, how to look good while you do it all.

    London or Liverpool to Amsterdam is a short flight but this is by no means a reason to not look good in the sky, so dress appropriately. Keep it cool and comfortable with a Hugo Boss tracksuit and trainers and layer it up with a simple t-shirt and jacket, think Hugo Boss and Crooks and Castles and you’re heading in the right direction. After all, who knows who you’ll see at the airport?

    After smashing into an obligatory airport fry up and pint it’s time to board, time to get in a quick power nap: this is the calm before the storm! When you arrive at Schiphol Airport you’ll realise the climate in Holland is pretty much the same as at home, so can be cold between September-March. Stay cosy with a Canada Goose jacket, every man’s best friend.

    After a quick transfer to Amsterdam Central you’re ready to check in, hit the shower and start exploring the area. If luxury is your thing then your hotel of choice will be:

    The W - www.wamsterdam.com
    The Pulitzer -  www.pulitzeramsterdam.com
    The Toren -  www.thetoren.nl/en

    Start the adventure with brunch. G’s brunch boat sets sail Friday-Sunday 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00 and serves the most banging Bloody Mary’s you’ve ever had. Check out the Bloody menu here www.reallyniceplace.com/brunch-boat.  Just be sure to not spill any on your Denham jeans. Line your stomach with eggs benedict or a burger as you’re about to go balls-deep into serious beer drinking, Amsterdam style! Next on your list has to be Gollem, where you can enjoy over 30 specially brewed beers on tap and try their famous Gollem IPA. There are 4 cafes in ‘dam check them out here cafegollem.nl. 

    If you can’t wait to taste the hazy delights Amsterdam has to offer then hit a coffee shop. Some are definitely better than others, just remember you can’t smoke tobacco in an establishment in Holland so pace yourself!

    Grey Area  www.greyarea.nl/,
    Dampkring www.dampkring-coffeeshop-amsterdam.nl/
    and Barney’s www.barneysamsterdam.com
    are clean and welcoming of tourists.
    Head back to your hotel (picking up some carb-heavy fast food on the way - you’ll need it) for some down-time, as you’ll need to be ready to party by the time the sun goes down. A weekend in the Dam can be a bit of a blur, but as long as you’ve laid out your Billionaire’s Boys Club t-shirt and sweater, Denham jeans and Puma kicks, you’ll be alright.

    Next up – time to go window shopping. Amsterdam’s red light district lives up to its reputation. You’ll find back-to-back peep shows and sex shops all within arm’s reach. De Wallen is the largest red-light district in Amsterdam and quite a sight to behold for those on a ‘look but don’t touch’ holiday. For extra laughs, tour it on a hire bike with the squad. The first mate to fall off buys the first round.

    The club scene in Amsterdam is like no other with DJ’s to suit every taste. Check out:
    Club Up www.clubup.nl/
    De School www.deschoolamsterdam.nl/en/,
    and Trouw www.trouwamsterdam.nl/

    Party hard for a long as you can, because before you know it you’ll be back on the plane to boring old England.

    If you can manage a short taxi ride out of town after partying all night long, you might be able to catch a game at Amsterdam Stadium, home of the almighty Ajax www.amsterdamarena.nl/home.htm.

    Die hard footy-fans can book a tour to visit the grounds, visit the galley of fame and take a selfie in the Ajax dressing room.

    If you’re feeling extra delicate then be sure to dress comfortably when you check out of your hotel, Armani and Stone Island pairs well for a laid-back look. If you’re hankering for a steak then the only place to go is Cannibale Royale www.cannibaleroyale.nl where you can devour all the meat and get in a few more beers before the short flight home.

    You’ve probably sold your soul to the devil and been left utterly broken but you’re still buzzing after a weekend of debauchery, and getting yourself into mischief - and most importantly you looked good doing it. Time to go home and plan your next city break with the lads. Just don’t forget: What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam!