• Liverpool V Manchester – More than a match

    March 25 2015
    Harry Styles. Rory McIlory. Eamon Holmes. Justin Moorhouse. Rachel Riley. Bobby Charlton. Usain Bolt. Mick Hucknell. Your boys took one hell of a beating.
    That was the tweet I was hoping to send at 3.30pm last Sunday. Unfortunately we all know what happened at 2:35 and 38 seconds last Sunday and it is only now; 48 hours later that I have been able to glance at Twitter. Let alone pick up a newspaper or switch on Sky Sports News. 
    Man Utd at Anfield is one of my favourite events of the year. But it's an occasion which I look forward to with as much trepidation as excitement. The ecstasy that comes from beating 'the mancs' at Anfield is difficult to match... except only by the sheer feeling of disappointment and anger if we lose. To lose in the manner that we did on Sunday, with one of my heroes, in his last season in a redshirt, his last swansong against our arched enemy, losing his head and giving the Mancs exactly what they wanted on a plate is genuinely something that will stay with me forever. Some people might suggest that I am being dramatic… but the polarised emotions that the day can bring epitomises everything brilliant about football. People who dismiss it 'only a football match' simply don't get it. For that 90 minutes (95 in Fergie's day) it's pure hatred. It's one City versus another. Many will say that hate is a strong word, and of course I'm not suggesting that the rivalry should boil over into anything ugly... violence and the vile chanting that emerges from a minority has no place.
    But do we have to like each other for that 90 minutes? Of course we don't. We don't have to like each other full stop.


    I have always believed however that there is a begrudging, quiet respect between the two clubs, the two cities. It is what makes the rivalry so fierce... neither of us would care if we didn't secretly quite rate the other.
    Sunday and numerous clashes over the years is about 2 peacocks of the north fronting up to each other... 2 goliaths of world football and 2 northern cities which despite being down trodden over time have influenced the world with their attitudes... music... culture... clubbing, art and fashion.
    Liverpool has Georgian architectural beauty... Manchester the red brick industrial metropolis. For Liverpool’s Cream there's Manchester's Hacienda. The Stone Roses versus The Las. Carragher versus Neville. Pretty Green Parkas versus a boss Berghaus. And now… Gerrard versus his own brain.
    I'm obviously biased but you have to give the Mancs some credit. I'd be tempted to argue that they might have the edge on us when it comes to music (if you park The Beatles for a moment who have almost become such a Liverpool cliché that I discount them from my appreciation of the city) then from my personal point of view it's a tough line up we're facing... Joy Division... The Smiths... New Order... The Happy Mondays... Stone Roses... Oasis. But there is no doubt we'd give them a good game with Echo & The Bunnymen... The Las... The Farm... The Lightning Seeds... The Coral...  (Wirral counts, sort of!)... Tea Street Band and the new breed in the form of The Sugarmen, All We Are and The Sundowners.

    Clubbing wise I think we have the edge with Cream, as iconic as the Hacienda was. Now in particular I think we are streets ahead with the likes of Circus & Chibuku... Freeze and mUmU pulling out huge line ups for those of us with dancing feet.
    So what about those parkas then? I'm sorry but when it comes to knowing how to dress, scousers rule the roost. There are some Mancs who know a decent pair of trabs when they see them, but I'm afraid they’re still very let down by the middle aged Paul Weller haircuts, cheap canal green parkas and crap footwear. Sorry lads.
    Oh and let’s not forget scouse birds. They're better by a country mile. Everyone knows that.

    So I think it's fair to say who is coming out on top. And one moment of madness from Gerrard and another 3 points for Utd can’t change that, however horrible it feels at the moment. At least we can be safe in the knowledge that we look the business.
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    Written by Tom Johnson