• Adidas Porshe Design - The perfect partnership

    March 9 2015
    If you were asked off the top of your head, to name some of the most iconic brands in history, which were still relevant today, the chances are that two names might well feature in your response. Adidas and Porsche. Both German, but clearly both known for very difficult products. One associated with beautiful, fast, high quality cars and the other an iconic sports brand which for many is THE timeless sports brand, unrivalled by any other.

    So they aren’t two brands that are necessarily associated with each other, beyond their German origin. However, there is more to Porsche than just cars; Porsche Design brings the creative brilliance and expert design from their car manufacturing into your everyday life, in the form of fashion, timepieces and luggage. Recently they have been tasked with saving the once buoyant Blackberry brand with the development of the Porsche Design P'9983 smartphone – suffice to say we will see if they succeed. But it was back in 2006 when Porsche Design made the decision to collaborate with what now seems like the most obvious partner, Adidas, for their sport range. It is a relationship that has gone strength to strength.

    I’m unashamedly an Adidas obsessive, for me it is the ultimate sports casual brand and there is something about it. Whether it’s the history, association with Liverpool as a city or just its German design and coolness but for me nothing comes close within sportswear. I’ve always loved its understated elegance and simple but such aesthetically pleasing design which for me is so much more favourable than the garish and ostentatious design of some of their rivals, notable the American ones. So with Porsche Design I feel Adidas has found the perfect partner for what is an incredible premium sportswear range.

    Porsche have brought the beauty of their car design mixed with functionality to the sportswear pedigree of Adidas to produce a range which I think of as being the ultimate sportswear for a certain type of bloke. A discerning one:  a bloke with an ounce of class, sophistication and pride in their appearance who wants sportswear that is of a high quality, well made, functional and stylish but without pretence of flamboyance.  Porsche Design with Adidas brings you all that.

    Naturally, Giancarlo Ricci understands what blokes want and that is why they are the only stockists of Porsche Design Sport outside London. Liverpool is the perfect fit for a label of this pedigree.
    I’ve picked 3 of my favourite pieces from the collection, available online. Drop into the Bold Street store for the footwear range, soon to be online as well.

    Top Picks:
    Porsche Design - Summerdown Grey Jacket: https://www.giancarloricci.com/Shop-Online/Designer/Porshe-Design/Porshe-Jackets/POR-Summerdown-Jacket-Gry
    Porsche Design - White Sleeve Pique Polo: https://www.giancarloricci.com/Shop-Online/Designer/Porshe-Design
    Porsche Design -  Grey Long Sleeved Pique Polo: https://www.giancarloricci.com/Shop-Online/Designer/Porshe-Design/Porshe-Polos/POR-LS-Pique-Polo-Gry