• Orlebar Brown - The only shorts to be seen in this summer!

    June 3 2014
    Hanging out on the beach with a cocktail or dancing the day & night away in Nikki Beach are now an essential part of our summer holidays. The time has come, we need a wardrobe that fits all occasions....sometimes there just isn't time to go home! The parties banging, drinks are flowing and the ladies are in string bikinis! Lads we can no longer wear lame black Adidas swim shorts, you need to up our game......YOU need a pair of Orlebar Browns!!!

    Orlebar Brown launched in 2007 and based in London, set out to design a smart tailored approach to men's swimwear. Not so much a swim short as a "short you can swim in". The collection offers pieces to take you from beach to bar and beyond, hang out in your Bulldogs at the beach, then throw on a bobby tee and flip flops and you're ready to dance the night away with a selection bikini clad babes!

    Founder of Orlebar Brown - Adam Brown set out to design a short which is tailored perfectly to flatter a man's shape as opposed to hide it. Its ok to wear baggy board shorts at 17 or tight budgie smugglers if you want to rock the Peter stringfellow look! For most men as our bodies inevitably change and we need a more mature approach to our wardrobes in general. Adam Browns message is clear, " timelessly flattering with an understated simplicity" "our styles, fit and colours are not age of place specific. All our shorts should look equally good either on a yacht in St. Tropez, surfing in Cornwall or at a club in Ibiza"

    Our buyer marc has put together some of his favourites for you below......