• Africa Oye 2014 the biggest yet

    June 30 2014
    Thousands of party people flocked to Liverpool's sefton park last weekend, to bask in the glorious sunshine and watch beat filled performances from around the world.
    Africa Oye offers a chance for people from all over the country to join together in a mix of cultures, to celebrate African music and culture.

    It is testament to Liverpool that this amazing FREE festival is at home in our great city, known around the world for music and the arts. As you walk around Africa Oye, what strikes you is the people. Families from far and wide sit side by side, enjoying bbq's, picnics or world food from one of the many food stalls. People are united by a sense of community and a love of music. Children dance banging African drums or chasing balloons, young people party away with beers in hand, grandparents sit in circles on camping chairs with pimms, but one thing you do not see - is any trouble!!
     crowdshot2-1.jpg  Some of the highlights of this years festival were the seven piece group Abdul Tee-Jays Rokoto from sierra Leonne and of course the fabulous HAJAmadagascar & groovy people, the groovy peoples show centres around the charismatic guitarist, singer and multi instrumentalist HAJA. The bands music create afro trance in a project that gathers musicians from across Africa. The music blends in as colourfully as the population of this exotic island.

    Of course the sunday was overshadowed by the excitement of the return of Finley Quaye - and he didn't dissapoint! Arriving on stage in his Africa Oye t-shirt, Finley sounded better than ever, the crowd erupted as he belted out sunday shinning in the sunshine. The reggae beats were the perfect ending to another great festival, Finley Quaye and his band put on an exceptional performance of classic favourites and new material with an extra special treat in the form of voodoo chile!! Lets hope to see more Finley around very soon....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4tbOYfqVfU