• Michael Kors - Brand Focus

    January 19 2016

    Think that Michael Kors was just the name of that handbag your missus insisted you buy her for Christmas or her birthday? Think again. Michael Kors is entering into the menswear market in a big way and it’s going to be one of the brands of 2016 for the discerning dresser.

    When you compare the brand to some of the big names it now competes with, the Louis Vuitton’s, Versace’s and Gucci’s of this world, it is a relatively new player, established in America by Michael Kors himself in 1981. Making his name initially in the world of female handbags and accessories, Kors menswear has gone very much under the radar, until recently. Launching his latest collection in New York’s aching cool Tribeca shunning the usual traditional style show, Kors appears intrinsically linked to not just his designs but the people who will buy them. 

    Speaking to GQ he said: “"No matter how beautiful a show is," he says, "for me, none of it comes to life unless I see a guy on the street wearing it. And if that makes me too much of a realist, well, I'm a pragmatist. I want these clothes and these accessories to be things people go out for, I want them to wear them all the time."

    His designs are as relaxed, casual and as down to earth as the man himself but with a real level of quality. He has perfectly identified the death of smart vs casual and the Kors menswear range is perfect for the guy who likes his casual look to be as sophisticated as his smart one. The concept of suit vs scruffy is no more and he thinks he knows why. The beginning of this change was - "casual Friday". ""It's an awful phrase. Most men really made a mess of that initially. Now I think what's happened is that men have realised that casual doesn't mean messy. Casual means that you can move in your clothes. They have easiness about them but, at the same time, you can have luxury."

    "This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort, however. Modern luxury is something that you actually use on a regular basis that feels indulgent. If you only wear it for special occasions then, to me, it's old-fashioned. No-one should have a wardrobe of strictly one price range or one category. You have to mix everything up. You might have one Savile Row suit that you mix with Michael Kors and then something from the high street. That's how we all dress now. It's more democratic."

    I couldn’t agree with the man more and Michael Kors is a much welcomed addition to the menswear game. As ever Giancarlo Ricci know a good thing when they see it, and early. I’ve picked my 3 favourites from the range and I would very much recommended investing in some Michael Kors in 2016. Just be warned that it might make that handbag purchase as a peace maker unavoidable! 

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